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Welcome to the new Resources page!
Watch videos from my Emotional Intelligence (EI) series, click on the links in 'the mind-body-emotion hub' and watch inspiring clips on personal development, see my top self-improvement book to read, and more - all aimed at lifting greater self-awareness...

VIDEO library

book review

3 Tips to overcoming fear and anxiety

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Series

 Video 1: What are emotions?

Video 2: Emotional Intelligence - Know Yourself
Video 3: Emotional Intelligence - All you need to know in 4 steps
Video 4: Emotional Intelligence - Self-awareness
Video 5: Emotional Intelligence - Self-development
Video 6 - Emotional Intelligence - Motivation
Video 7: Emotional Intelligence - Interpersonal Relationships
Video 8 : Evoking an emotion
Video 9 - Next steps
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My first recommended self-improvement book is: The Power of Now - by Eckhart Tolle

If you're interested in taking steps to discover some very simple inner truths about yourself; about what is happening within you, then this book is truly a fantastic start. 

It led to a shift in my thinking, particularly in the area of 'non-thought'. There are many aha moments. Feel free to put the book down, as necessary, to take in the deep insights and thoughts - which are expressed in a clear, reflective, and revealing way. 


The Power of Now is the type of book that comes to you at the right time. It is ready to be read, when you are ready to read it!


Highly recommended

Our second book is Metahuman (2019).


Best-selling author and New Age innovator Deepak Chopra urges you to recognize the limits of your daily existence, then move beyond them to reach a higher state of awareness.


Chopra believes that, by accessing this higher awareness, we all have the power to tap into unlimited potential. By unleashing our full potential, we can become metahuman. 

An great read for beginning to understand the levels of awareness within your person.

useful TIPS and lINKS

3 tips to a great meditating experience

Meditation is a tool for discovering your 'Centre' or 'Inner Self'. When used, it provides a layer of psychological peace and freedom between you, and the mental-emotional rigours of the typical day-day. Meditative practice gives you the skill to better manage yourself as a mind-body-emotion unit, and is a recommended practice for developing greater emotional intelligence and awareness.  

  1. Find a comfortable spot - Get comfortable. Find a place to sit, preferable in an upright position, with the middle of your back firmly against the back of a chair or, if sitting on the floor, against the wall. In effect, get comfortable such that you can stay still for a period of time. Perhaps start with 3-5 minutes a day, and increase at your own pace...

  2. Focus on your breathing - Pay close attention to your breathe. Notice your in-breathe...and out-breathe... Feel the flow of air through your nostrils. Feel the rise and fall of your chest. In effect, focus on your breathing as though for the first time, each time. As you do so, notice the sense of peace begin to arise from within yourself...

  3. Flow - Follow the strand of peace that arises. And Flow with it... As you do, the external sounds, the noise of the mind begins to fade into 'the background'. To manage 'the noise' of the mind, simply flow with it, don't fight it. Watch it, as though from a distance...

NB: By way of an analogy, meditation is like surfing. Locate the wave within yourself and balance on it as long as you can! Then find another... The difference however between surfing and meditating is that as you persist with your meditative practice, 'the waves' last much longer.

Finally, when meditating, I tend to close my eyes. If leaving yours open works for you, that's good too. For those that chose to leave their eyes open, you will find that though your eyes will likely lock onto an object (a chair, the wall, the floor, etc.), you'll notice that your stir, or gaze, will however be inward-focused. Stay with that.

Happy journeying...

'Visuals' for your meditating


Do you prefer to use visuals to assist with your meditative practice?


Click on any of the inspiring links below. They have great visuals of nature with a soft musical background. Play on your TV, or computer screen to facilitate your experience. 


thought leadership

Thought Leadership - The difference.jpg
Emotion - Tip 1.PNG
Thought Leadership - Stronger than steal
Thought Leadership - Beconscious.jpg
Thought Leadership - Not your mind.jpg
Thought Leadership - Know Yourself.jpg
Thought Leadership - Your words.jpg
Thought Leadership - body2.PNG
Thought Leadership - Silence.PNG
Thought Leadership - Fear.PNG
mind-body-emotion hub
What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is about staying ‘in touch’ with your mind, body, and emotions, so you are able to be at your best - in your moment-to-moment acting, behaving, and decision-making.


You use your mind-body-emotion unit to relate in two main ways:

  1. with Yourself

  2. with Others

You do this every day, every moment…

Current research in emotional intelligence suggests you make decisions (about yourself and others) every 6-seconds - at a level beyond your conscious awareness. These decisions have a tremendous influence on your moment-to-moment thinking, feeling, speaking, and behaving - effecting how you feel about yourself. And how you feel about yourself impacts your whole emotional, mental, and social well-being. 


Ever wondered why you feel the way you feel, or think the way you think - about another person, or even yourself? Why you may at times have seemingly 'uncontrollable 'thoughts and feelings that make you doubt your abilities and potential? What drives them? Your thoughts and feelings are given energy through repetition. Repeated behaviour. And repetition, the mother of all skills, drives the cycle of negative thinking deeper into our unconscious awareness - and out of our immediate range of sight. 


Being emotionally aware means being to be able to 'catch' your own negative mental spirals, and to fully relate well with yourself -and others. Emotional intelligence provides the tools for identifying and replacing negative mental filters with positive ones, giving you greater human functioning - and psychological freedom and peace. 

Here’s the good news! There are steps you can take to un-learn unconscious behaviour patterns, to understand and come to 'know' your emotion 'states' and feelings, so you can use them positively to serve you.

The mind-body-emotion hub:


Start your journey toward becoming more emotionally aware here!


The mind-body-emotion hub is a collection of inspirational videos and articles from known leaders in the field of personal development (Brene Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Daniel Goleman, etc). Dive in and renew yourself, change your perspective, become better at managing self and putting your emotions to good use. 


Share your thoughts in the message box at the bottom of the page! 



My top videos to watch...


The Voice in the head - a Journalist's experience

Watch this clip of a Journalist’s attempt to manage self-talk whilst live on TV!


Mooji - The Voice in the head - How to control it

This is a really good clip on how self-talk operates, and how you can control it.


Eckhart Tolle - How to watch the mind and eliminate fear

Eckhart Tolle on how to eliminate psychological suffering


Eckhart Tolle - Breaking negative thinking patterns

Eckhart Tolle on breaking addiction to thinking in ways that do not serve you


Deepak Chopra - What is meditation and why should I do it?

Deepak Chopra talking with Oprah on why meditation is good for the mind-body, emotion, and beyond.

My top reads...


4 Mindful activities to keep you aware and present

Mindful practices to keep you aware, present, and internally focused


Neuroscience, meditation and mindfulness

Learn about the mind and the basis mindfulness has from a neuroscience perspective


An Adventurer'story of silence & stillnes - Erling Kagge, Adventurer

This is a really great article! Find out how Erling Kagge discovered during his adventures exploring the far regions of the earth




My top videos to watch...


Tony Robins - The power of the body

Listen to this recording of Tony Robins talking about 3 patterns for changing your perception 


Deepak Chopra - Can the mind heal the body?

Deepak Chopra on the connection between mind and body. Are they distinct? Can the mind heal the body?


Deepak Chopra - On the body

Deepak Chopra provides insight into the nature of the body as form of consciousness - that can be reinvented


Mind Valley - On Physiology

Watch this is insightful short clip on how 30 secs of exercise can help you live longer


My top read...


Virginia Satir - I am me

This short poem is all about appreciating you, and what you are!



My top videos to watch...


Eckhart Tolle - On Emotions

Eckhart Tolle on watching and 'witnessing' your emotions


A self-compassion exercise

Learn 6-steps to self-compassion. This animated video enables you love yourself more in simple steps, communicated in a fun manner.


Brene Brown (and others) - Get to the root of negative emotions

In this short video, Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey discuss how to burst the negative emotion bubble - before it spirals out of control!


Daniel Goleman - On Emotional Intelligence

Listen to this recent interview on Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace by the Daniel Goleman, a leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence theory.


Joshua Freedman - 3 steps to Emotional Intelligence

In this short video, Joshua Freedman talks about 3 steps to becoming more emotionally intelligent using the “KCG 123” model.


Daniel Goleman - On Emotional Intelligence 2

Watch this short clip:  4 types of Emotional Intelligence and why it is important


Jon Butcher - How to master your emotions

Want to learn how to master your emotions? This short clip from Mind Valley provides some simple tips 

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