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I assist people discover blind-spots in communication. This can have liberating effects on individuals (intra-personally), in terms of their relationships with others (inter-personally), and how they understand their reality (subjectively), thereby creating space for clarity, self-discovery, and the ability to see 'things' from different perspectives.


Options include:


- 1-2-1 coaching 
- Group coaching 

- Mentoring


I assist individuals and groups create and discover meaning through focusing and listening to the mind-body-emotion system. Using an experiential learning style, I adopt an approach to facilitation that 'brings to light' and reveals the diverse perspectives individuals and groups have at a given moment and provide simple strategies for managing these simultaneously. This leads to better communication and communicating, including clarity of thought and the resolution of conflict.


Options include:


- Facilitation
- Training 
- Lecturing (undergraduate & postgraduate)
- Tutoring (undergraduate & postgraduate). *Includes a 1-2-1 option.

- e-Learning

Thought Leadership

I am currently undertaking studies toward a PhD at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, Australia, in the area of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is a coaching methodology which uses the principles of human psychology and the neurosciences to effect change in the total human person - consisting of mind, body and emotion. 


Commencing with an MPhil, my research will seek to understand how, or if, mind and mood management (also called 'emotional intelligence'), makes for better Leaders in organisations. 


I will publish interesting thought pieces as I go through this academic process of learning and self-discovery.


- Articles
- Commentary
- Research