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Human beings are made up mind, body and emotion, intricately connected beautifully together. Here lies our source of strength, growth, and individuality as unique persons.


Jude-Martin coaches to the mind- body-emotion system to assist people discover their blind-spots. This has liberating effects intra-personally - in terms of how people understand their reality and what is happening within themselves, and inter-personally - in terms of their relationships with others, thereby creating space for clarity, self-discovery and insight, and an ability to experience and to see things from different perspectives 


Options include:


- 1-2-1 coaching 
- Group coaching 

- Mentoring

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Jude-Martin brings along with his facilitation approach 20 +years experience working with people, including 7 years as a monk.


He uses deep listening and an attentive focus to bring light to different perspectives, and to what comes up. He provides simple strategies for managing these leading to intra-personal and inter-personal change. This in turn leads to better communication and communicating, individual and group clarity, and the awareness and motivation to take the next steps. 


Options include:


- Facilitation
- Training 
- Lecturing (undergraduate & postgraduate)
- Tutoring (undergraduate & postgraduate). *Includes a 1-2-1 option.

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Jude-Martin's latest thoughts...

Jude-Martin's thought interests are in the areas of Emotional Intelligence (Goleman, Freedman), Human Development (Bandler & Grinder, Erickson, Satir, Perls,) and Self-Actualisation Psychology (Maslow, Hall), combined with a passion for mental hygiene, meditation, and self-improvement practices. 


He is currently studying for a PhD in Emotional Intelligence, Transformational Leadership, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, Australia. NLP is a coaching methodology which uses the principles of human psychology and the neurosciences to effect real change in the total human person - consisting of mind, body and emotion. 

Follow Jude-Martin's latest thinking on the 'resources' & 'blog' pages on this site, where he'll publish articles, videos, and sign-post topics of interest to you.


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