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Students today are under a tremendous amount of pressure to learn new subjects, internalise new concepts, and develop new meaning based on what they have been taught in a short space of time in the classroom.

Compound that with numerous class assignments, assessments, group activities, part-time/full-time working responsibilities, differing levels of language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills, and the psychological pressure to perform, students may find themselves in a difficult situation to be able to truly learn – and excel in their exams.

Why chose Tutoring?

Tutoring (1:1 or group) offers students the opportunity to learn new ideas and concepts in a safe environment where they do not feel judged and are therefore better able to think freely and laterally. Tutoring ensures that key learning outcomes are picked apart and put back together by the student with the full attention, guidance and support of the facilitator.


As an academic with 10+ years’ professional HR and learning & organisational development  experience in the UK and Australia, I enable, and positively challenge students to think on their feet and learn more about their overall capability, drawing upon their life-story, which whilst not immediately noticeable, is directly linked to the learning outcomes they seek to achieve.



  • Students learn in a safe environment

  • They are given 1:1 attention enabling the discovery of their underlying skills and talent

  • Given the undivided focus, students learn more about themselves and how they learn best

  • Development of new methods of learning, critical approach to problem solving and communicating

  • Renewed confidence in their abilities, including how to tackle examinations and assessments with success.

  • A clearer direction of the career post conclusion of their studies/academic program

Expertise Areas

  • Human Resource Management

  • Organisational Behaviour

  • Leadership and Change Management

  • International Business

*NB: Tutoring is best applied over a full academic term, half term, or at least in blocks of 2 hours per week, over a 3 week period.

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