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Do you need a challenge to be discussed openly as a group? Perhaps, you’re a senior leader looking to reinvigorate your top-team and would like to re-discover your vision, mission and identity? Or are you a group of individuals seeking time aside to retreat to form stronger relationships.

Facilitation is a great tool for seeking new understanding and new perspectives on topics as they arise in the moment. Jude-Martin combines a passion for people, personal development, and deep facilitation (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with a Self-Relations approach (Stephen Gilligan, 1997, 2009) and Integral methodology (Ken Wilbur, 2000) to unpack what comes up as part of a program of learning and change.

The approach can be self-revealing and positively uncomfortable leading to deeper levels of awareness and a new appreciation of self, other, and different perspectives.

Why require facilitation?

  1. You require a place of safety where as a group you can explore a vision and discuss and resolve challenges together with openness

  2. You are open to learning new perspectives and discovering new ways of re-framing

  3. You want to rediscover yourself and are open to non-judgemental feedback

  4. You are keen to simply come together as a team to reinvigorate and create new bonds


  • Develop a greater understanding of yourself and others

  • Gain an appreciation of different perspectives and how to notice put them to good use 

  • Learn about you, and how you understand yourself in relation to others

  • Develop greater levels of communication for influencing outcomes

  • Understand your teams ‘personality’, and be able to look beyond stereotypes

  • Lead better working relationships and achieve personal and team outcomes.

Interested? Contact Jude-Martin below:

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