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MORE ABOUT Mentoring


Mentoring is a relationship between two persons (the ‘mentor’ and ‘mentee’) based on a mutual desire for development towards a particular goal. As an experienced professional working in the private and public sector in the UK and Australia, Jude-Martin offers a unique perspective for your mentoring goals.


Typical mentoring goals may include:

  • Admission into a University

  • Guidance on a subject of study

  • Successful completion of university studies, including final examinations

  • Ongoing career development advice, or

  • Simply being there for a person by way of providing support during a challenging period.

Whatever it is, mentoring is a great tool for anyone, (regardless of age, gender, status, background, challenge, etc.) to use for achieving a goal, or reaching a desired outcome.

Why should I choose mentoring?

You should choose mentoring if you;

  1. Are passionate about achieving a goal within a particular time-frame

  2. Would like to be aware of blind-spots that prevent you from achieving this goal

  3. Would like to develop the skills & knowledge to become successful in the workplace, home or in school

  4. Are in need of support & guidance on practical steps toward reaching your potential

  5. Would like to develop networks and social connections for the success toward which you strive.


  • Gain clarity on particular steps required to achieve an important goal

  • Secure ongoing advice & support from an experienced professional who is passionate about your story, your vision, and your goals.

  • Benefit from open conversations in a safe and non-judgemental environment

  • Have a on-call confidant with whom you can speak to (or vent) during periods of challenge

  • Become a more confident and self-aware person, live your life, be happy

Interested? Contact Jude-Martin below:

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