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MORE ABOUT Group Coaching

Jude-Martin uses a range of tools and methods in group coaching that challenges thinking and leads to the discovery of a joint sense of purpose and vision, arrived at through creating new meaning and connectivity with other persons in a team.

Why choose Group Coaching?

You should choose group coaching if:

  1. There exists a need to (re) discover your vision so you can move forward with confidence

  2. There is a need to better understand one another and to create a team dynamic

  3. There is a need to break existing silos and discover true communication

  4. There is a need to resolve conflict and to move forward together

  5. There is a need to discover yourself by leveraging your relationship with others


  • Share and drive a common vision, mission and values

  • Develop a sense of greater inter-connectivity with self and others

  • Create friendships, partnerships, a sense of team, and new understandings

  • See how your abilities relate to, inter-connect with, and inspire change

  • Create a supportive network of people with whom you can share and grow in confidence

Interested? Contact Jude-Martin below:

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