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Diversity-is is a blog borne out of a curiosity and passion to explain organisational behaviour, traditional organisational 'functions' and selected human resource, organisational development and learning and development topics in an engaging manner.


Written using a conversational style, it consists of approx. 68+ articles (and counting!) covering recruitment, selection, assessment, training, strategy, leadership development and a host of other topics. Articles are written to inform, inspire, challenge, and to lead change in thinking - differently.

As a thought leadership blog, Diversity-is has been used as a source of information for public speaking, including at the Sourcing Summit, (SOSU) Australia, 2013.

Marshall is a technology-based e-learning consultancy. With a footprint in Australia, the UK, the US and Canada, and with over 100,000 users on the Marshall Learning Management System (LMS), you have come to right place for your e-learning needs.


Off-the- shelf courses include:


- Inclusive leadership
- Unconscious Bias
- Mental Health in the Workplace
- Diversity and Inclusion
- Stress Management
- Performance Management
- Bullying and Harassment
- Recruitment & Selection
- And more…


We are expert e-learning specialists. We customise and design new learning courses to suit a variety of technology platforms (ipad, iphone, tablets, etc.) using innovative learning styles and methods to suit your needs - at very competitive prices!


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