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How can Emotional Intelligence & Deep Self-Awareness Influence Transformational Leadership Ability?

Updated: Aug 27, 2023



Thank you for agreeing to assist complete the below surveys.

The surveys are part of collating data relating to a PhD program in Emotional Intelligence, Deep Self-Awareness, and Transformational Leadership, at Notre Dame University, Sydney.

The data collation includes the completion of four (4) Leadership and Emotional Intelligence questionnaires, with each taking approx 15 - 20 mins, and the final taking approx. 30 mins. The questionnaires are simple and straightforward and serve as great opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth. All information is anonymous and will be treated as such.

The research aims to develop a blueprint showing how levels of self-awareness predict and influence transformational leadership ability, so that it can be easily taught to aspiring leaders.

These are the 4 questionnaires. Simply click the links below to commence:

  1. Fingerprints for Success (F4S): (Once in go to "Take the Assessment"). Copy and paste the link onto your cache where there are challenges with clicking the link. (15mins)

  2. Self-reflective Emotional Intelligence Test (SREIT) &

  3. Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ): (20mins)

  4. Regarding the 4th questionnaire, the Identity Compass (ICQ), this will be forwarded direct to your email by an external Provider. Please look out for an email with the subject title: "Identity Compass Interview Version". The email itself will come from; "Identity Compass International GmbH" and will likely go straight to your Junk Mail, so you will need keep an eye out for it. (Approx 30mins)

To receive the Identity Compass Questionnaire, kindly send me your email address here - and you’ll receive a link in 3 days.

Thanking you so very much in advance, noting this research will NOT be possible without your efforts!

Would you kindly complete the questionnaires by Friday, 29 September 2023?

Kind regards

Jude-Martin Etuka

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